Protection panel upgrade (After)
Protection relay
25kV Switchgear
Thermographic inspection
6MVA Power Transformer
Primary injection test
6MVA Power Transformer
Contact and insulation resistance mesurement
6MVA Power transformer
Mobile services units
Switchgear design
Infrared picture
Busbar manufacturing
Capacitor bank
Rectifier control card upgrading
Protection panel upgrade (Before)
120kV Power breaker
Rectifier drawer upgrading
Industrial battery charger
Wave quality measurements
46MVA Power transformer
Breaker after refurbishing
Power transformer
Sectionneurs 120kV
Time-current curve protection analysis
Thyristors verification
Disjoncteur avant remise à neuf

Field services - Other services available

The list below briefly indicates many of the additional services that the MDL Énergie inc. team can provide:

  • Metering transformer inspection and test (CT / PT)
  • Battery and battery charger testing
  • Capacitor bank inspection and test
  • Ground fault protection device testing
  • High voltage cable inspection and test
  • Ground or concrete buried cable localization
  • Power cable fault localization
  • High voltage dielectric test (“Hi-pot”)
  • Low frequency dielectric test  (VLF) per IEEE 400.2 standard
  • Arrester insulation resistance measurement and inspection
  • Isolated bus bar inspection and measurement
  • Soil resistivity and grounding measurement
  • Medium and high voltage starters maintenance
  • Electrical substation maintenance
  • Power factor and harmonic measurement
  • Disturbances measurement using a high speed event recorder
  • DC rectifier inspection
Thyristors verification
Thyristors verification
Wave quality measurements
Wave quality measurements