Switchgear design
Rectifier drawer upgrading
Primary injection test
120kV Power breaker
Industrial battery charger
Protection panel upgrade (After)
Infrared picture
46MVA Power transformer
Thyristors verification
6MVA Power Transformer
Capacitor bank
Contact and insulation resistance mesurement
Busbar manufacturing
Protection panel upgrade (Before)
Sectionneurs 120kV
6MVA Power Transformer
Wave quality measurements
Thermographic inspection
Breaker after refurbishing
Protection relay
Time-current curve protection analysis
25kV Switchgear
6MVA Power transformer
Disjoncteur avant remise à neuf
Mobile services units
Power transformer
Rectifier control card upgrading

Field services - Thermographic inspection (infrared)

Infrared thermal imaging allows for equipment thermal behaviour analysis without the need of physical contact with the equipment under analysis. This type of inspection can detect many defects. This technology can in fact detect bad connections or even load unbalance. The MDL Énergie inc. team has all the necessary tools and individual protection equipment (IPE) to perform this type of inspection.

Infrared picture
Infrared picture
Thermographic inspection
Thermographic inspection