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Field services - Mobile filtering equipment

Insulation degrading is the prime factor in transformer aging. Maintenance and insulating oil treatment play a crucial role  in order to prevent aging and various breakdowns.

MDL Énergie inc. has a mobile filtering unit that may be used to treat the insulating oil in order to prevent latent defects. In fact, electrical arcing in the oil when the transformer is energized, can produce chemical reactions which can degrade the insulating oil dielectric quality and thereby damage internal components.

The mobile filtering unit can be used to perform the following operations:

Electric arcing in the oil can result in various chemical reactions that will produce gas.

Degassing technique allows to remove the dissolved gas.

The presence of a large concentration of water particles in the oil will reduce the dielectric strength which can result in short-circuits that will cause irreversible damages to the transformer.

Dehydration technique allows to remove water particles resulting from cellulose degradation.

Numerous phenomenon, including cellulose degradation, can produce solid particles within the transformer insulating oil.

Filtering technique allows to remove all solid particles present in the insulating oil.

Mobile services units
Mobile services units